Check out the new Niagara Fabrication Log Rack. This design is highly customizable, and can be altered to meet your exacting specifications to fit your new or existing truck.

Niagara Fabrication is constantly bringing new products to the field of electrical transmission line construction.

From self contained specialty equipment to log racks, trailers, specialty tool boxes, mobile offices, storm trailers, loader truck racks, pups, and more, Niagara Fabrication can build it all.

Look for Niagara Fabrication at specialty trade shows throughout the Midwest this winter and check back often for exciting new products.

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Trench Compactor - 72" Diameter

Sag Track

Pole Grapple

Specializing in building, servicing, and rebuilding electrical power transmission line equipment, Niagara Fabrication is the Midwest's premier custom metal fabrication shop.

Niagara Fabrication 4 Reel Wire BoatNiagara Fabrication, Incorporated, specializes in the design, manufacture, and maintenance of custom, mobile electrical power transmission equipment.

Located in Niagara, Wisconsin, Niagara Fabrication uses state of the art manufacturing technology and processes to manufacture the highest quality electrical transmission construction utility equipment and implements available.

Serving both big and small electrical transmission contractors, as well as cities, towns, and municipalities throughout the Midwest, Niagara Fabrication manufactures innovative products proven invaluable to the industry.

With over thirty employees and sixty years of engineering and design experience, Niagara Fabrication is truly a leader in the equipment manufacturing industry. Niagara Fabrication is capable of producing rolling and stationary equipment and implements while maintaining timely delivery schedules.

Below is an example of Niagara Fabrication's innovation and manufacturing capabilities. This three reel wire boat "folds up" (as shown in the upper left picture) making it street legal for transport from job to job. Once on site, the wire boat is deployed (as shown in the photograph below).

This is innovation at its finest and only one example of Niagara Fabrication's ability. Contact us today and let the engineering team help you bring your equipment ideas to fruition.


Niagara Fabrication Wire Boat in deployed position